Restaurant & Bar

Note: See the Board at the end of the Bar for food service times.

Our Menu

We pride ourselves in preparing our meals fresh each day and have homemade favourites as well as daily specials especially for you.

The Breakfast Bar

‘Mega Brekkie’
Bacon/sausage/egg, hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, beans and fried bread or toast £5.10
‘8 Item Brekkie’
1 Bacon/sausage/egg, hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, beans and fried bread or toast  £5.10


Sausage and egg (2 sausages/1 egg) £3.15
Sausage (2 sausages) £2.60
Bacon and egg (2 rashers/1 egg) £3.15
Bacon (2 rashers) £2.90
2 poached or scrambled eggs and 2 rashers of bacon £3.85 
2 poached eggs £2.50
Cheese £2.35
Baked beans and cheese £2.75
2 Scrambled eggs £2.60
Baked beans £1.95


Seafood Salad
Traditional salad tossed in a french vinaigrette, topped with tuna mayo, prawn marie rose and pink salmon with a lemon garnish. £6.85
Cajun Chicken Salad
Traditional salad tossed in french vinaigrette, topped with bacon and blackened cajun chicken. £6.15
Tuna Salad
Traditional salad tossed in a french vinaigrette, topped with tuna mayonnaise. £4.90
Chicken Caesar Salad
Mixed salad leaves tossed in a Caesar dressing with chunky croutons, sliced parmesan and a plain butterfly chicken breast. £5.90


Winter Salad
Traditional salad tossed in a french vinaigrette, topped with bacon and mushrooms. £5.35

Main Meals

Battered cod fillet

with chips, peas and side salad

Chicken curry with rice

with mango chutney and poppadom

Chilli con carne

with rice or chips

Ham & Eggs

served with two eggs and chips

Gammon steak & eggs

served with two eggs, chips and beans

Club sandwich

with chips and BBQ Sauce

Breaded scampi

with chips, peas and side salad.

Beef curry with rice

with mango chutney and poppadom.

Chicken kiev

with chips and salad

Bangers and mash

with beef and onion gravy

Double burger

with egg, chips and beans



Man vs Mixed Grill
4oz Steak, 6oz gammon, chicken, 2 sausages, onion rings, peas, tomatoes, mushrooms and chips £12.50


For an extra 50p add a roll and butter to any of the above meals or change your chips for curly fries or your salad for beans


Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and side salad also available as penne pasta £5.50
Beef lasagne with chips and side salad £5.50
Creamy seafood and spaghetti medley  £5.95
Cheese and tomato penne pasta £4.20
Sausage, bacon, mushroom and tomato penne pasta £6.50
Carbonara penne pasta £6.50


Made with 3 eggs served with chips and salad

Cheese  £4.85 Cheese & Tomato £4.95
Cheese and Ham  £5.50 Ham & Mushroom £5.45


Large Chips £1.75
Spiral Fries and Garlic Dip £2.25
Garlic Bread and Cheese £2.35
Mushrooms £1.35
Fried Egg £1.25
Onion Rings £1.75
Small Chips £1.45
Chips and Cheese £2.35
Garlic Bread £1.80
Baked beans £1.45
Roll and Butter £1.30
Slice of Bread and Butter £0.80

Jacket Potatoes

Prawn Marie Rose £6.20 Tuna Mayonnaise and Cheese Melt £5.70
Chilli Con Carne £5.20 Cheese and Beans £4.35
Plain with or without butter £3.95



Thai Cod & Prawn Fishcakes

served with salad garnish and a sweet chilli dip.

Camembert rounds

with salad garnish and cranberry dip

House nachos

topped with mozzarella, mild salsa and guacamolé

Chilli nachos

house nachos served with chilli con carne

Soup of the day

served with warm roll, butter and croutons

Jumbo hot dog

with or without onions



Squash Club Combo ‘Sharing platter’ for 2
Onion rings, garlic bread, breaded mushrooms, curly fries
and potato wedges served with BBQ and Garlic
mayonnaise dips


Our 4oz beef burgers are served in a bun with salad:

Plain burger
Single £3.10
Double £3.90
Cheese burger
Single £3.50
Double £4.60
Cheese & Bacon burger
Single £4.10
Double £5.35
Hawaiian burger
Single £3.90
Double £4.90

Filled Pittas

Hoggs Special £4.70 Egg Mayonnaise £2.10
Tuna Mayonnaise Salad £3.10 Prawn Mayonnaise Salad £3.25
Cheese Salad £2.50 Ham Salad £3.25


Cheese £2.80 Tuna Mayonnaise £2.95
Salmon £3.50 Ham £3.50
Prawn marie rose £3.85 Bacon lettuce and tomato £3.30


Bacon and Brie Melt £3.80 Egg Mayonnaise £2.35
Bacon and Egg £3.10 Cheese Salad £2.85
Tuna Salad £2.95 Prawn Marie Rose £3.85
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato £3.25 Ham Salad £3.75


Cheese £2.50 Ham £3.50
Ham and cheese £3.95 Bacon and cheese £3.40
Pineapple and cheese  £3.40 Tuna and cheese £3.40